Saturday, September 18, 2010

Meet The Team

Today was our annual Meet the Team ride.  It is a chance for local riders to ride with us and learn more about road racing.  Visit our team's website to learn more about our team and how to join.

The weather fooled us. I expected rain and we were met instead with glorious sunshine.  We all started out with arm warmers, full fingered gloves and vests.  That all stripped away as we rode.  

Out of Gig Harbor, we started the rollers, regrouping as we went along.  Easy pace that picked up to faux threshold pacelines on occasion. It is nice to ride for a change without feeling like you need to throw down.  I truly love September - rain or shine.  

Here are a few pictures.  

John Rodgers, our Prez addressing Congress

The Roll Out

The road, riding near Ollala.  Glorious!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


The term "bellwether" comes from middle english.  Apparently the Middle Englanders placed a bell around the neck of a castrated Ram.  A castrated Ram is a "wether." The flock of sheep would follow the bell toting eunech by listening to the bell ring.  In modern usage, bellwether is any presage of a future event. 

I read today that the French Anti-doping Agency will cooperate with the USDA's investigation of the former U.S. Postal Cycling Team and Lance Armstrong by providing, if asked, Lance's 1999 blood samples.  I think I hear a bell ringing.  

Monday, September 13, 2010

When a Rider Runs

I am training for the Portland Marathon to be held on October 10th.  Why couldn't Phidippides have passed out and died after 18 miles?!  26.2 is a long, long way on foot.  The amazing thing is that the real Phidippides only died after 26.2 miles because he had run to Sparta and back (from Athens) just before his historic run from Marathon battlefield to Athens.  The distance to Sparta is 140 miles!  Think about that.  The dude runs 280 miles, then 26.2.  Thank god they DO NOT have running races called "Spartas".  No doubt there are people who would run it. 

As for me, I am up to 15 miles but strained my hamstring.  I heard that 25% of people who sign up for Marathons do not show up for race day due to injuries related to training. I believe that!  I might be one of the 25%. 

I am offended by the price tag.  Bike races are cheap.  $25.00 bucks lets you suffer in a pack of animals.  The Portland marathon is $130.00 dollars.  Of course, they actually hand out water and gatorade.  There are also people taking pictures of you on the course and there are medical tents and massages available after the race. At bike races, the rednecks just throw beer cans at us.  You get what you pay for.