Thursday, June 4, 2009

Legal Messenger

Today, I felt like a legal messenger.  I had twittered yesterday that I thought e-file systems were great. I had noted that one could file court documents with the clerk's office via a web browser and even serve the other parties in the case.  This gives smaller firms the ability to reduce costs. 

I also indicated that Pierce County was light years ahead of King County on this.  I have orgal argument tomorrow on a case and was able to look up and read the briefs in opposition a day before I received the copies.  I was also able to file my responses after the clerk's office closed.  (That is ok, they were not due until today and they are logged as having been received on the next business day, i..e, today.)

Here is the glitch.  The system does not allow filing of Judge's working copies.  You have to deliver those the old fashioned way.  My office is 2 blocks from the court house so I decided to deliver the working copies in person.  

A beautiful day, I could not resist the urge to ride my bike from home to work.  With my prepared working copies tucked in my backpack, I rode gleefully downtown.  Bike messengers have go to be in great shape.  The only thing I was missing was a single speed bike and those jaunty, cycling caps they wear. 

I pulled up to work and the walked over to the courthouse in my shorts.  I passed a lawyer I have not seen in quite a few years but he did not recognize me.  To him, I was just a bike messenger.  To me, he was just a lawyer.  Which one of us has it figured out?  

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